5 Tips for Writing Employee Recognition
Writing Recognition
We asked our Hallmark writers what makes for a memorable recognition message. These five, easy tips work well for any business writing, whether you’re talking to your employees or customers.
  1. You don’t have to write a lot to impress someone. A few well-chosen words work best.
  2. Express your heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.
  3. For greater impact, add specific details.
  4. Speak from the heart. Tell your recipients why their accomplishments or talents made a difference to you, your team or the company.
  5. If you want an action repeated, a genuine compliment helps to make that happen.
How to write an employee recognition message
Follow these steps.
  • - I want to (thank or congratulate) you for (what the employee did).
  • - It really helped (how it helped and who it helped).
  • - I appreciate your (talent or skill, such as teamwork, leadership etc.).
  • - Thank you.
  • "By consistently getting the weekly sales data out on time, you’re giving our sales team the information they need to immediately respond to what’s happening in the field."
  • "Thank you for making a difference."
  • "I appreciate the commitment and follow-through you’ve shown during your first month here. You’re quickly learning and always asking the right questions to give our customers the best experience."
  • "You’re setting yourself up to succeed. Great job!"
  • "You’ve proven yourself as a leader and someone committed to the success of our new organization. Despite all the restructuring in the recent merger, you've succeeded in keeping your team focused on our shared objectives. During the transition, this was especially important, and I’m so personally grateful for your leadership."
What to say
  • Who you are helps make this company what it is.
  • Today seems like a good time to let you know how much your hard work and dedication mean to us.
  • We hope you feel proud of the role you play in our success and accept our best wishes and warmest thanks.
  • We are successful because of talented people like you.
  • You’re making a positive difference at Stone Smith and in our customers’ lives.
  • A company is only as good as its employees. Thanks for making this a great company.
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