3 Unexpected Ways Hallmark Holiday Cards Benefit Businesses in This Challenging Year

A woman is smiling as she reads a holiday-themed greeting card.
There’s no way around it—2020 unleashed quite a few challenges for everyone both personally and professionally. As companies look for the best ways forward, it’s becoming extremely evident that cementing the relationships already established with employees and current customers will be an important part of the strategy. 
With the upcoming holiday season, there’s no better time to show your appreciation. A great format for expressing that gratitude is a Hallmark card—not only can you find the right business Christmas card, but with a few clicks, you can add a personal note that will connect emotionally and logically with clients and staff. Hallmark writers even provide the words for you to borrow and make your own. Writing a heartfelt card has never been easier.

“Understand that relationships are more important than contracts,” said Steve Pavlina, author and speaker.

No matter if your company is open and working through social distancing, masks and sanitation issues or if most of your staff is working from home and customers (or members or clients or volunteers…) handle everything online, receiving a personal holiday message will do something that’s been difficult lately—it will make them feel good. 
Positivity is important right now, and when your company triggers a positive reaction, customers and employees remember that in a way other non-emotive communication cannot.  And here at Hallmark, we applaud companies who are helping others feel better about the work they do and the companies they do business with. 

3 Ways Sending Hallmark Holiday Cards Can Help Your Business 

Here are three ways that sending business holiday greeting cards to your employees and customers—this year, especially—will benefit your business. 

You’ll find a wide range of holiday business greeting cards at Hallmark that will your company’s style and sending occasion.

1.    Strengthen your business relationships—both with employees and customers. 

Without face-to-face meetings or seeing each other in the office, it’s difficult to cultivate your relationships with not only your employees, but your current clientele. And trying to score the next big deal? Forget about it. 
It’s a tricky time to navigate the professional relationships you’ve built as well as continue to grow your business. But one way that sure helps? Keeping the customers who continue to patronize your company feeling valued, personally acknowledged and appreciated. Loyal customers are an important part of every company, and it’s essential to find ways to connect and remind them why they love your business.

5% increase in customer retention rates can increase your profit by 25-95%, according to Harvard Business Review. Our holiday cards for businesses include a variety of price points, so you’re sure to find one to fit your budget.

A way to stay in budget—this year and every year moving forward—is with a Hallmark business holiday greeting card. It’s easy to order, simple to customize for your company and  with our Make It Easy personalization and mailing services, it won’t strain your human resources. 
5% increase in customer retention rates can increase your profit by 25-95%, according to Harvard Business Review.
Both employees and clients will appreciate the thought that goes into picking a holiday Christmas card and writing a note (don’t worry, Hallmark has prewritten messages and handwriting fonts to save you time!). So, you’ll feel good about the cost, and your recipients will feel good when they find the Hallmark card in their stack of other mail and cards. 
2.    Improve Your Retention Rates 
Even though less people quit their jobs this year (mostly due to the pandemic), turnover continues to be among the top concerns for company executives—especially with essential and health care employees.  
One thing you’ll hear over and over from numerous think tanks is engaged employees tend to stick around. They work harder, stay loyal to their company and become excellent spokespeople for your business. 
69% of employees say they would work harder if they thought that effort would be recognized, according to the Gallup State of the American Workplace report.  
How can you recognize your employees, even the ones working from home right now? Send a card! 
There’s something about discovering a Hallmark card mixed in with the junk mail and bills. A Hallmark business holiday card not only spreads cheer but will surprise and delight your employees when they see the personal note filled with details recognizing their hard work this year. 
78% of employees say being recognized motivates them in their job, according to the Gallup State of the American Workplace report.
Keeping your business relationships going and growing is always a good idea, but it certainly feels even more vital this year. That’s why sending a holiday greeting card makes sense—it always makes a lasting impression. 
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