3 Easy Steps to Celebrate Nurses Week (And Then Show Nurses Appreciation All Year Long)

Nurses are the heart of health care.

One of the greatest quandaries in health care management is that demand for health care workers is greater than supply. This is true across all positions and professions within the industry. For instance, did you know that health care employers lose one in five employees every year?

Take it a step further and look specifically at nursing. Nursing and other patient care positions have a turnover rate of 17-18%. The turnover rate for Certified Nursing Assistants is even higher at 30%. Further, the 2017 HealthLeaders Media Nursing Excellence Survey reports that over 60% of nurse leaders say that staff retention is their biggest concern.

Here at Hallmark, we believe that something needs to be done. These staggering numbers tell us that health care employees, who put so much care into the world, are overworked and emotionally exhausted. More than anything, they need a pick-me-up—not just during Nurses Week, but also throughout the year.

Employers struggle to retain their nurses, seeing an average nurse turnover rate of up to 18%.

Nurse managers worry about retention with 60% saying that it’s their biggest concern.

Even though health care staff engage in hundreds of interactions with patients as well as their families and care givers, they won’t feel motivated to improve and go the extra mile if they aren’t ever acknowledged. However, even the simplest form of genuine appreciation can change how someone feels about their work and their superiors. In other words, what you do for Nurses Week and for nurse appreciation throughout the year doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, simple is the best solution.

1. Give Cards for Nurses Week and Nurse Appreciation—It’s That Easy

With this notion in mind, Hallmark Business Connections has created a line of cards specifically for those in the medical field who put care into the world. We invite you to explore our Nurses Week cards, nurse appreciation cards and employee appreciation cards. These cards can help leaders and nurse managers be intentional in thanking their staff for the hard work they do.

The card’s cover says, “A Nurse is Basically a Superhero in Scrubs,” making it the perfect way to show appreciation. SHOP NOW This nurses appreciation card features a red heart on a sky backdrop that says, “You’ve Got It. The World Needs It.” SHOP NOW With a picture of bonsai tree, this Nurses Week card says, “It’s Easy to See that Caring is Your Specialty.” SHOP NOW

2. Decide What to Write in a Nurses Week Card (Here’s a Formula!)

Can’t figure out what to write in a nurse appreciation card? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve created a simple formula to help you craft just the right personal note in your Nurses Week card. This formula is specifically designed to convey both empathy and appreciation:

  1. Acknowledge the importance of the work
  2. Describe a part of the job that is challenging or something admirable in the work
  3. Sincerely say thank you
  4. If you’re sending the card around Nurses Week, be sure to sign off with “Happy Nurses Week!”

Here’s a quick example:

Hallmark offers Nurses Week cards that allows you to pick a sentiment, add a personal note and even mail to their home.

3. Say Thank You—And Say It Often

Your appreciation shouldn’t be expressed only once a year. To combat high turnover, low nurse morale and medical burnout, we recommend sending appreciation at least four times per year. You could simply flight them out quarterly. For example, Thanksgiving presents another great time to send appreciation to your staff.

Easier said than done, right? Not necessarily. But, thankfully, Hallmark makes sending nurse appreciation easy on you. With a couple of clicks, you’ll be on your way to spreading cheer among your nursing staff.

  • Stock up on employee appreciation cards for on-the-spot recognition. Keep your employee appreciation assortment packs in your desk. When a nurse goes above and beyond (or needs a pick-me-up), you’ll be able to deliver a meaningful, in-the-moment message when they need it most.
  • Create a plan of when groups of employees should receive cards. Then, leave the rest to us. After you’ve personalized your Nurses Week card or nurse appreciation card, we can do the addressing, stamping and mailing for you.

Personalize your Nurses Week cards by selecting a design, adding a message in a handwriting font and shipping or mailing.

Hallmark advises company leaders to send appreciation cards home, so employees share them with friends and family.

See What a Hallmark Card Can Do

At Hallmark when we say, “When you care enough, you can change the world,” we believe the health care industry has the unique ability to do this every day. We also know that for medical professionals, where caring is at the heart of the profession, you look for solutions that don’t just impact the bottom line, but ones that also improve patient satisfaction and employee engagement.

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts), Millennials are 2X as likely to feel noticed when they receive a greeting card and 72% of consumers prefer Hallmark greeting cards over other greeting cards, according to client-reported results.

Make Ordinary Days Extraordinary with Hallmark Cards

The staffing and retention issues in health care sets up an unsustainable situation where understaffed shifts cause nurses, doctors and support staff to be overworked and feel drained. Letting our health care employees know just how much they are appreciated is vital to employee engagement and staff retention. As leaders in health care, you have the power to take ho-hum or challenging days and make them days your employees will never forget.

“Just as we must acknowledge that patients suffer, we must acknowledge that the work caregivers do is complex, important and both physically and emotionally challenging. Simply acknowledging efforts and praising good outcomes in a genuine and unscripted way is meaningful.” – American Nurses Association

Don’t miss your opportunity to do something great for your staff—whether it’s during Nurses Week, Employee Appreciation Day, the holidays or just because. A card is something you staff will forever appreciate. Shop Nurses Week Cards today!