4 writing Tips: work anniversary cards for employees (and customers, too)
Writing Anniversary Cards
Anniversary cards designed for businesses go a long way in showing employees and customers how much you appreciate them. There is something special about receiving written recognition inside a high-quality, display-worthy card that often turns into a keepsake.

When employees feel valued, overall satisfaction and productivity increases. Companies should recognize employees during personal anniversaries, work anniversaries and major years of service milestones. Salespeople and account managers can also recognize their clients, customers and prospects for major company birthdays and personal anniversaries.

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what TO WRITE in Work and customer anniversary cards   

Purchasing an anniversary card is one thing, but deciding what to write inside of it is a completely different task. We’ve got you covered with tips on what to write in customer and employee anniversary cards straight from Hallmark writers.

Employee Anniversary Cards

  1. Start with a genuine expression of gratitude 
    Every work anniversay card should begin with a genuine expression of gratitude, such as "I would like to personally thank you for # years of service at Company Name."
  2. Say something that is specific to the employee
    This is important. It shows your employee that you are paying attention to their work in a positive way. "Your work on projects A, B and C was integral in our success."
  3. Express a desire to have them stay at the company for the foreseeable future
    Just as important as noticing their work, telling them you hope to have them around will make them feel more connected to your business and work family. For example, "We are looking forward to helping you grow with us for many years to come."
  4. End with "Sincerely, X"
    Use your name. It is a great way to sound both genuine and respectful. It just works.

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Customer Anniversary Cards

  1. Start with a genuine expression of gratitude 
    This can include something along the lines of "Dear X, I'd like to thank you for your loyalty as a customer for the past X years."
  2. Say something that is specific to the customer
    In order for the card to feel more personal, you should say something that shows you appreciate the customer in particular. This could be similar to "It has been my pleasure to serve as your agent, and I hope you love the new policy we tailored just for you this spring."
  3. Express a desire to continue the business relationship in the future
    Make a statement that indicates that you hope to continue the business relationship going forward. "I hope you'll give me the honor of continuing to serve you for many anniversaries to come!"
  4. End with "Sincerely, X"
    Closing with "Sincerely," and then listing your name below is the best way to sound both genuine and respectful.

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