5 ways to celebrate your small business during small business week
Small Business Week
A local coffee shop. The small print shop down the street. Your favorite bookstore. The boutique advertising agency. Small businesses like these have a culture unlike any other. They’re filled with early risers, night owls, weekend warriors and many-hat-wearers that make their small businesses—and the communities in which they’re in—thrive.
Perhaps you’re one of these hardworking entrepreneurs or small business owners. And if you are, you likely have Small Business Week already marked on your calendar.
National Small Business Week takes place every spring (this year we celebrate it from April 29 to May 5). The weeklong event is hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration to recognize the nation’s top small businesses, entrepreneurs, small business advocates and champions. 
We are part of Hallmark. Finding ways to show you care is what we’re all about—and Small Business Week is ideal for celebrating the people who make your work what it is. Take a look at five of our favorite ways to promote your small business during Small Business Week.
The number one way to celebrate Small Business Week is by acknowledging those who keep you in business: your customers. Taking the time to thank them for their patronage is a must during Small Business Week.
Undoubtedly, one of the easiest and most meaningful ways to thank your customers is by sending them a thank-you card. But if you really want to wow the people who have helped your business, consider sending a personalized customer appreciation card. Our collection of customer appreciation cards is designed specifically for businesses, ensuring that your message will resonate with those you do business with.
Customer Appreciation   Customer Appreciation   Customer Appreciation
A Hallmark card always stands out in the mail. But you can make your Hallmark card even more special by adding some personalization. Shop at the only place where you can digitally personalize an iconic Hallmark card with your company logo and message to make this Small Business Week count. Shop all Business Hallmark cards.
Offering a special discount prior to Small Business Week can bring more customers into your store. Consider setting up a special promo code and include this information in your personalized thank-you card or customer appreciation card. Sending a promo code in a personalized Hallmark card creates a memorable experience likely to drive people into your retail shop or to your online store during Small Business Week.

Customer Appreciation   Customer Appreciation   Customer Appreciation

3.  Thank your employees  
Perhaps even more critical than thanking your customers is taking a moment to thank the employees who help run your small business alongside you. Your team is critical in making your business a success. Use Small Business Week as a chance to recognize them for their hard work.
Employee Appreciation   Employee Appreciation   Employee Appreciation
When you acknowledge employees for their contribution with recognition cards, you remind them that you care and appreciate their accomplishments. Personalize an employee recognition card and pass them out during Small Business Week. A little Hallmark card goes a long way in showing gratitude.
Employee Appreciation   Employee Appreciation   Employee Appreciation
4.  honor other small businesses in your community
Are there other small businesses you wish you could partner with in your local community? If so, celebrate them during Small Business Week! A quick note, celebratory message or inspirational sentiment could be the thing you need to foster collaboration. Consider sending a few nearby small businesses a congratulatory card to wish them a happy Small Business Week and a fruitful year of business.
Congratulations   Congratulations   Congratulations
Some of our general use cards will also work for sending nearby local small businesses your best wishes.

General Use   General Use   General Use

5.  throw a party
Celebrate Small Business Week in the most fun way possible—with a party! A company celebration gives you the chance to connect with staff and customers all at once. Bring employees and customers into your storefront or an event space and thank them with refreshments, food, fun and thank-you cards.
If throwing a party is on your agenda for Small Business Week, consider personalizing Hallmark invitations to encourage customers and employees to join in on the fun.

Invitation   Invitation   Invitation

Hallmark Business Connections works with small businesses every day. Our curated collection of business greeting cards equips small businesses with the correspondence they need to send customer appreciation, recognize employee birthdays, wish clients a happy holiday and much, much more. Use any of these cards or ideas to celebrate Small Business Week this year and spread that entrepreneurial spirit you were born with.