5 reasons businesses use hallmark cards
6 Reasons Businesses Use Hallmark Cards
You may know Hallmark as the brand that puts greeting cards in the hands of your loved ones, ornaments on your Christmas tree and thoughtful gifts in artfully wrapped boxes. We’re in the business of connecting people and inspiring them to make a difference.
What you may not know is we help build and strengthen business relationships, too. Hallmark Business Connections is the B2B arm of Hallmark. And although we may be smaller than our parent company, we do big and meaningful things for businesses every single day.
Hundreds of small businesses improve their employee recognition and customer engagement initiatives with Hallmark Business Connections. And we believe there are 5 big reasons why:         
  1. Yes, you're working with that Hallmark 
    Just because you're small doesn't mean you can't partner with one of the most recognignizable brands in the world. Even mom-and-pop shops can give their employees and customers a Hallmark moment by working with us. When you work with Hallmark Business Connections, you're working with experts in human connection. There is no project too small for us to help. Your small businesses deserves to connect with customers and employees in meaningful ways. And if you ask us, that doesn't sound small potatoes at all.
  2. You want to connect on a personal level
    Companies that work with Hallmark Business Connections put employee and customer connections at the top of the priority list. In order to make meaningful connections on a one-to-one and one-to-many level, personalization isn't just an amenity; it's a requirement. Hallmark Business Connections is the only place where you can personalize a Hallmark card for your business. Let us help you customize card covers and inside sentiments. Plus, with our program, you can add your company logo and a personal message with a few clicks. Let’s make it personal. 
  3. Finally! - a greeting card line with businesses in mind
    A card that was designed for a husband should not be the same one you give your customer. A card created for a dear friend should not be the same one you deliver to an employee. Greeting cards that are written for the loved ones in our personal lives sometimes do not translate in the business world. No one understands that better than Hallmark Business Connections. Our collection of greeting cards are specifically designed for businesses. Plus we curate a collection of greeting cards from some of Hallmark’s most popular sub-brands:
    • Signature: When you're looking to make a memorable impression, Signature cards express your distinctly professional style. With on-trend designs, unique processes, premium papers and detailed embellishments, Signature showcases Hallmark craftsmanship and artistry at its most elegant.
      Signature Greeting Cards from Hallmark
  4. You want that Hallmark quality
    The literal definition of “hallmark” is “any mark or special indication of genuineness, good quality.” Our name is synonymous with quality products. And when your business needs to stand out or make an impression, quality is key. Many small businesses work with Hallmark Business Connections because our greeting card line offers a variety of superior and proprietary processes, such as foil, glitter, laser cut, emboss, premium paper, metallic and more. Shine on!
  5. Employee recognition and customer engagment is important to you|
    Think about it—when was the last time you received a Hallmark card and didn’t open it? Our product is opened about 99% of the time—making it one of the most engaging and successful employee and customer engagement tools available. If employee recognition or customer engagement are a priority for you, working with us is a no-brainer. Plus, when you create an online account, you get some great perks on greeting cards:
    • Save on greeting card orders: FREE ground shipping to the contiguous U.S. via FedEx
    • Try before you buy: Request up to 10 free greeting card samples per year
    • Personalized branding: Save up to 10 company logos in your account
    • Review order history and keep track of past and current orders
    • Reorder in under a minute: Review order history, save payment info and purchase from recently ordered samples