4 Tips for Writing an administrative professionals day card
Recognize Administrative Professionals Day, April 25


They may oftentimes work behind the scenes, but our offices wouldn’t be nearly as productive without our secretaries, receptionists, support professionals and administrative assistants. These individuals are so integral to the success of a workplace that they even have their own holiday—and they deserve it.
Administrative Professionals Day takes place every year in the last week of April, which is also observed as Administrative Professionals Week in many countries. Most offices celebrate it by surprising their admins with cards, flowers, chocolates or gifts.
Chances are, toward the end of April, you’ve purchased a card for your administrative professional to recognize them on this special day. And now you’re sitting down with a blank card in front of you wondering what to write. Sometimes it’s hard to put your gratitude into words, isn’t it?
Hallmark Business Connections is here to help. Take a look at our four tips for writing an Administrative Professionals Day card below.

1. Choose the perfect card.

Don’t spend hours standing in front of a wall of cards at the local store—let Hallmark Business Connections narrow it down for you! We have a selection of employee recognition cards and thank-you cards that are perfect for Administrative Professionals Day.

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2. Keep it short and sweet. 

After you’ve selected your favorite Administrative Professionals Day card, pick up a pen and jot down one of these simple messages:
  • “Our office and the people in it wouldn’t be as efficient without you.”
  • “Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Thanks for all you do!”
  • “Happy Administrative Professionals Day! We cannot thank you enough for all you do.”

3. Add a success story.  

Make your message even more memorable by adding a note about a specific goal they accomplished, project they completed or your favorite story about them. Including a quick note about a specific, personal story will not be forgotten.

4. Acknowledge the day.

Sign the card with “Happy Administrative Professionals Day!” so they know the occasion in which you’re recognizing them for.
Our secretaries and administrative assistants make the office world a more efficient and productive place. Don’t let Administrative Professionals Day slip by without recognizing all they do.