How Does Hallmark Define Premium?
Premium Diecut
Hallmark is known for quality. So how do we distinguish cards that are at the top tier of fine quality? It starts with our design processes and ends in holiday cards that make a statement about your discerning taste. The added heft, the textured feel and attention to detail all say, “I wanted to give you the very best.”
We admit it. We’re a little obsessed with paper…okay, a lot. When it comes to our premium card stock, you’ll see richer colors that go through and through, deeper than inked paper. Close your eyes and rub the card between your fingers, and it will have the feel of thick linen.
Add to this an insert page presenting your seasonal wish and personal message embellished with pin-line borders or seasonal icons and the look of fine stationery. Nice touch, right?
Laser Die-Cuts
These lacy, small high-precision cuts can shape the most intricate snowflake or give a landscape depth and dimension. One of our customers told us that her customer thought her holiday card looked so awesome, she framed it.
Unlike metal cutters, lasers can move in any direction with flexibility and speed to create smoother edges. Does it take longer to produce? Of course, but definitely worth it.
Premium Foil Emboss
Think of our foil as a field of fresh snow on a sunny day, bouncing light and color in every direction. Or little mirrors opening up a room to make your greeting card look bigger, brighter with look-at-me charisma. You’ll find foil in our lettering and design flourishes to make those elements stand out. When it comes to premium cards, you’ll sometimes see the cover completely coated in foil for an extra shiny effect or to contrast a matte finish.
Not at all cookie cutter. Some of our cards with unique folds need a little more room to stretch out. But isn’t that what you want when your holiday greeting card is on display? Cards that unfold in unexpected ways are one of our go-to’s for adding surprise and delight.
Embossing, with its raised effect, and debossing, its opposite with a sunken pattern, have been around for hundreds of years. When it comes to greeting cards, these two artistic techniques delight the eye with the creation of depth and invite your recipients to look at and hold your holiday card just a little bit longer.
Best news: The extraordinary quality of our premium cards doesn’t come at an exorbitant price. Hallmark has been producing cards for more than a century; we know how to make them affordable. While you shop our site, just click on the price to see volume discounts. And if you sign up for our special offers, your holiday card purchases can come at an exceptional value.