10 messages to write in a birthday card to a c-level executive
Birthday Cards from Hallmark Business Connections
Acknowledging a leader on their birthday is a nice thing to do. But it can also be a little intimidating.
What should I say?
Is my message too personal? 
Is it not personal enough?
As the experts in writing business greetings, we've created a list of 10 messages you can write in a birthday card for a C-level executive. Don't be intimidated-we're here to help! 
Below, you'll find quick tips and card message ideas that will resonate with your company's CEO, CFO, CMO or C-Suite team leader.
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C-Level appropriate birthday cards

Remember they're humans, too.
If you don't know the exec very well, and you're nervous about what to write, just keep it simple and know they'll appreciate the gesture.
  • "Happy Birthday to someone who makes this company great. Thank you for all you do." 
  • “I am thankful to have a job at such a wonderful company. Happy Birthday to a person who makes this place great.”
  • “Happy Birthday to someone who inspires us all!”
Try some humor.
This is for the time you know this exec has one.
  • “Happy Birthday to the gal in the corner office from the gal in the corner cube.” 
  • “Happy Birthday. I billed an hour on my timesheet to writing this. Hope that’s okay.”
  • “Happy Birthday from your brightest employee who you’re going to promote real soon.”
Funny cards are a great for the executive who is also a good friend. Here are some good ones from our Shoebox line.
Or don't try some humor.
If you’ve never met this C-level Executive, and/or their personality errs on the side of serious, use phrases such as:
  • “Happy Birthday. Thank you for your leadership."
  • ”Happy Birthday to a wonderful leader."
  • “Thank you for making this company so great. Happy Birthday!”
  • “Happy Birthday and best wishes for another successful year.”
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Be yourself.
Don’t use language or words that you would not normally use when writing a note. If you’ve worked closely with the exec, include a note that is more personal. Just be the best version of you.
Acknowledge the birthday of an exec in your company. Make it even more meaningful by including a personal message. Find just the right card and get celebrating!
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