Business holiday cards from Hallmark Business Connections.
Planning parties, greetings, gifts and more, the holiday to-do list quickly expands as early as October. With the growing popularity of embracing the digital connection found within eCards, social media and even text message campaigns, it’s tempting to cut costs and put the snail mail campaign on the shelf.
But the end of the year is an excellent time to reach out to clients and customers in a meaningful way. Every business has the opportunity to stand out from those going digital with an authentic greeting card campaign. This personal touch is an easy and thoughtful way to invest in your client relationships, up your loyalty points, and build lifelong customers.
We’ve outlined four steps to determining the best plan for your company, taking the stress out of your holiday card campaign, and, with a little holiday magic, checking this big to-do off your list.

1. Define the purpose of your card. 

Business holiday card for customers and employees. Sharing Thanks Custom Cover Business Thanksgiving Card Happy New Year cards for businesses.
Do you want your business holiday greeting card to be a thank you to your clients? A general greeting? A relationship-building tool? Use this window of opportunity to communicate your key message and build client relationships by showing a bit of your personality and thoughtfulness.
2. Find the design that best represents your business. 
Snowy City Holiday Business Hallmark card. Scandinavian happy holidays business Hallmark card. Dog in holiday hat business Hallmark card.
Should you send a Christmas card to your customers? How about Hanukkah? Sources such as Entrepreneur Magazine suggest choosing a secular and tasteful holiday design for customers and clients, saving cards that express your personality or beliefs for your personal list. Most businesses tend to ensure sensitivity to all clients with a broad message such as “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays,” though depending on your business type and transparency of beliefs, it is ultimately your call. Keeping it neutral not only ensures you won’t be receiving any angry phone calls or lost business, but also shows your company recognizes and respects all cultures and beliefs.
3. Personalize your company holiday card. 
Personalize business holiday cards with Hallmark.
Now that you’ve nailed the purpose for your cards and found your just-right design from the variety of holiday cards available on Hallmark Business Connections, it’s time to personalize it. Luckily, with Hallmark Business Connections, you can select the inside sentiment, craft a short, personal message and even add your company logo. More good news? It only takes a few minutes.
When crafting your holiday message, consider offering thanks for a wonderful relationship, give a heartfelt holiday greeting or wish for the new year, or add a relevant anecdote. Remember that sending a card without a personal note can come across as more mandatory than celebratory.
4. Strategically land in client mailboxes.
Hallmark holiday cards for business with snowflakes on a red background. Sophisticated Thanksgiving business Hallmark card. Hallmark New Year's greeting card brings happy wishes to clients and employees.
Be the first in your clients’ mailboxes by sending a mid-November Thanksgiving message of gratitude, a holiday greeting by the first week of December or land in their mailbox after the smoke clears with a New Year’s card.Sending to clients around the globe? Be sure to account for differences in dates and customs. You’ve missed the boat if you send your Thanksgiving greeting in November to your Canadian clients as their holiday falls the month before Thanksgiving in the U.S.
Tis the season to let us help plan your greeting card campaign, your perfect message and your favorite design to represent your business. From funny holiday cards to our premium line, Hallmark Business Connections offers a wide variety of holiday cards, personalization and delivery options. Don’t stress out—shop today!