Assorted Greeting Cards for Business


Assorted Greeting Cards for Business

Assorted greeting cards make it easy for you to have the right card for all occasions. Shop assorted birthday cards and assorted thank you cards, and even boxed greeting cards to show care & concern and employee appreciation.

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Most of our assorted greeting cards include a sentiment written to be suitable for anyone on your list. We also offer blank greeting cards in bulk (noted in the product description), ready to be used for specific occasions as they arise. Connect better, and save time and money—keep a box of assorted greeting cards on hand.

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Assorted Birthday Cards

From casual to classic, these assorted birthday cards offer something for every employee or customer.

Our most popular greeting card packs are our assorted birthday card sets. After all, birthdays tend to spring up on us. But our assorted birthday cards ensure that you’ll always have a card ready to deliver when an employee or customer birthday pops up. Plus, with some sets offering up to 15 unique designs, you can select which card will resonate with each employee or customer on their special day.

We have assorted birthday cards for every budget, too. If you’re looking to make a big impact with birthdays this year, consider our premium assorted birthday cards for business. Or, if you want to make your greeting card budget go further this year, explore our assorted birthday card value pack.


Bulk Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Shop Hallmark assorted cards for all occasions to always have the right card on hand. All occasion packs include designs for birthday, sympathy, thank you, care & concern, congratulations, new baby and wedding.

Keep in mind that you can stock up on cards for more than just birthdays. Hallmark Business Connections offers a wide variety of boxed greeting cards for all occasions. These sets include cards for birthday, thank you, sympathy, care & concern, new baby and more.

We also offer more specific assorted card categories. So if you’re looking to stock up on employee recognition cards, consider our employee recognition packs. If you find yourself sending thank you notes every month, explore our thank-you greeting cards in bulk. Or, if you want to be there for your employees and customers during the tough times, our care & concern packs are a great solution.


Perks & Benefits

With Hallmark Business Connections, you’ll receive some extra perks and benefits, too.
   • Mistakes happen. We’ll include an extra envelope for every 25 cards you order.
   • Finishing touches are everything. With each greeting card envelope, you’ll receive a gold seal embossed with the Hallmark crown.
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Shop Other Categories

Our assorted greeting cards are just the tip of the iceberg. Shop even more card categories such as congratulations, retirement, customer appreciation, note cards and more. Plus, you won’t want to miss out on our business holiday cards, too!



Decision Guide: Buy Bulk Greeting Cards or Boxes of Assorted Greeting Card

Are single bulk greeting cards less expensive than buying boxes of assorted cards?

If you need hundreds or thousands of a specific type of card, like birthday, holiday, thank you or client appreciation, you will find most cards are less expensive when you purchase individually in bulk. (And if you need over 5,000 cards, please contact us.) If you need 5-25 of a single card, an assortment pack is likely the best option. Sympathy card assortment packs are very popular for this reason.

What’s the right variety of cards for a business to keep on hand?

Think about keeping cards on hand for life events and business events. Specifically, an assortment that includes birthday, care and concern, sympathy and congratulations. In addition, keep employee appreciation cards and thank you cards for clients and customers on hand.

Should I buy boxes of assorted greeting cards, or buy bulk individual cards?

Having a variety pack of greeting cards for your business is best for card-giving occasions where the card needs to fit both you, as the card giver, and the recipient of the card. A variety pack allows you to better match both parties. In some cases, you may prefer to give the exact same card to everyone. It really is a personal preference. For example, some people buy bulk birthday cards to give the same card to every client and then switch to a different card the next year to ensure that the customer never receives the same card twice. On the other hand, a variety pack of assorted occasions cards is perfect to make sure you always have the right card when you need it.