7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Send Customer Birthday Cards
Skip the email and try a real customer birthday card this year and see how big a difference it’ll make for your business.
As consumers, we are bombarded by digital marketing messages from brands every single day. Countless email offers flood our in-boxes, hundreds of online ads try to distract us as we browse the web and paid social media advertisements attempt to convince us to shop (Shop now! Hurry! Offer ends soon!).

But when was the last time a brand really tried to connect with you? Not many brands do it (or do it well). So, when a company does something that connects with us, we notice.

Many brands ask us for our personal data—and one of these data points is typically our birth dates. There are many reasons why companies may ask for this information, but only the companies with the best customer experience use it for the good of the customer.

Birthdays present the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers. And although many companies send a birthday email with an offer to redeem a gift (if you spend $X amount, of course), here at Hallmark, we believe that birthdays can be so much more for your customers (and so much more for your business).

Consider sending real, paper birthday cards this year—it will generate a big business impact. Check out our 7 reasons why your business needs to invest in sending customer birthday cards:

1: Sending business birthday cards helps you keep more customers.

According to research from Hallmark Business Connections, sending customer birthday cards alongside other marketing campaigns improves retention. For example, insurance agents that purchase and send cards from Hallmark Business Connections retain 16% more customers than those that do not.

According to client-reported results, those who send Hallmark birthday cards, alongside other campaigns retain 16% more customers than those that do not.

2: Birthday cards improve brand perception.
Looking to reinvigorate your customers’ perception of your brand? Order birthday cards. Sending Hallmark birthday cards to your customers can improve brand perception by 82%.
According to client-report results, Hallmark card recipients report improved brand perception of the companies that send cards.
3: Birthday cards boost customer loyalty.
Every marketer knows that it’s less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Customer loyalty is an increasingly important aspect of any growing business. Our research shows that sending customer birthday cards increases loyalty by 10%.
According to client-report results, sending a Hallmark birthday card boosts customer loyalty by 10%.
4: Birthday cards lift your response rate.
Getting your direct mail opened (let alone read!) is a challenge that many companies face year after year. A lot of print marketing material ends up in the wastebasket.
But not Hallmark cards. With a 95% open rate, Hallmark cards are opened, read, understood and acted upon better than any other direct mail format. So, when you decide to send customer birthday cards, make sure it’s Hallmark. Seventy-two percent of customers recognize and prefer a Hallmark card over other greeting card brands.
72% of customers recognize and prefer a Hallmark card over other greeting card brands, according to Hallmark Business Connections Direct Marketing Communications Study.
5: Birthday cards are an affordable way to connect.
Recognizing your customers on their birthdays doesn’t have to break the bank. When you purchase birthday cards from Hallmark Business Connections, you save up to 50% compared to an in-store purchase. Why? Because we sell in birthday cards in bulk and our prices fit your business budget.
6: It doesn't take too much time to send a card.
You have a million things to do and you wear many hats. We understand that your time is precious, which is why we make personalizing, ordering and mailing business birthday cards easier than ever. Most of our cards can be easily customized (add a photo, choose your color palette), personalized (select your sentiment, add a personal message and upload your company logo) and mailed (upload your addresses, select your envelope and include postage). We’re here to make birthday card mailing easy on you and your business.
7: Customers share photos of their greeting cards on social media.
It’s atypical for a customer to socially share a birthday email offer they received. They usually redeem the offer or delete the email and move on with their (birth)day. But imagine if they were sent a birthday card instead of a birthday email. They may be more inclined to snap a photo of their card and share it across their social networks (and potentially tag your company in their post!).
“My insurance agent has personally sent me a birthday card every year since I’ve been with them, and I think that’s the nicest thing. It makes my day.” – Insurance Company Customer
You can make a big business impact when you recognize and celebrate customer birthdays—especially when you mail cards. Start sending customer birthday cards today with an extra 20% off*. Use code BDAY2020 at checkout. Exclusions apply. And remember—happier birthdays make happier customers!
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