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Business Greeting Cards


Business greetings help strengthen your relationship with employees and clients. And no company does corporate greeting cards better than Hallmark. View our categories above to find bulk greeting cards for all occasions.

One of our most popular categories is corporate birthday cards. Be sure to explore this section to pick and personalize your company birthday cards or discover our assorted birthday cards in bulk.

If you’re looking to shop in higher quantities, we also offer assorted greeting cards in bulk. Shop our assorted greeting cards to stock up and always have the right card on hand.

Looking for personalized business greeting cards? Most of our Hallmark business cards can be personalized with your choice of inside sentiment, personal message and company logo. If you want custom greeting cards for business, be sure to explore our customized cover cards.

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Greeting Cards for Clients and Customers

A bright and cheery customer appreciation card can be personalized with your choice of inside sentiment and handwritten personal message.

If you keep your clients and customers in mind during a time of celebration, even if it’s as simple as a client birthday card, they’re more likely to keep you in mind, too. Break through the marketing clutter with a customer appreciation card. Make them feel special by sending bulk birthday cards to your top clients. Welcome new customers to your business with a welcome card. Or simply say hello with a general greeting card. Hallmark Business Connections has all occasion cards to help you stay connected to your customers.


Greeting Cards for Employees

A “Such a Fan of You” employee appreciation card can be personalized with your choice of inside sentiment and handwritten personal message.

Let’s not forget the impact a corporate greeting card can have on employees. Deliver a message of thanks for a year of hard work with employee recognition cards. Wish every employee a happy birthday with our business birthday cards. Or, congratulate an employee on their most exciting workplace milestones with celebration cards. Our curated collection of Hallmark business cards gives you a wide variety of greeting cards to choose from, no matter what your sending occasion may be.


All Occasion Cards for Everyone


Connect in more meaningful ways with business greeting cards from Hallmark Business Connections and our most popular sub-brands:

Premium Greeting Cards

Our Signature Collection greeting cards express your distinctly professional style. With on-trend designs, unique processes, premium papers and detailed embellishments, Hallmark Signature cards for business showcase our craftsmanship and artistry.

Funny Greeting Cards

Mix business with humor using our handpicked collection of funny birthday cards from Shoebox. These edgy, irreverent cards for business are surprising, hilarious and sure to make your customers and employees laugh out loud.

Cards for Millennials

Our curated collection of Studio Ink business greeting cards for Millennials lets you connect with your peeps on a new level. A little bit quirky, a lot more fun.

Cards in Spanish for Customers and Employees

For Hispanic or Spanish-speaking customers and employees, we offer a unique line of Spanish business greeting cards from our VIDA collection. These cards include culturally-inspired designs and Spanish sentiments.

Personalize Your Corporate Greetings

Looking for the right company greeting card design? Hallmark Business Connections is the only place where you can add a personal touch to Hallmark greeting cards. Personalization options may vary by card.

Personalize your corporate greeting card cover.

Choose your sentiment and add a personal message.

Upload and add your company logo.

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Shop Business Holiday Cards

If you're looking for more than all occasion greeting cards, we provide an array of holiday greeting cards, too!  Browse our business holiday card collection where you can find corporate holiday cards,  company Christmas Card, New Year's cards and more.